From the Nashville Airport TAKE I-40 EAST to the FIRST MT. JULIET EXIT (#226 A) approx. 15 miles from the Nashville Airport.

At the off ramp go RIGHT/SOUTH on South Mt Juliet Rd to the FIRST traffic light (Adams Lane) at THE WAFFLE HOUSE. At that TRAFFIC LIGHT, TURN RIGHT which will take you beside and behind the WAFFLE HOUSE). Then go about 1 mile (west) on Adams Lane to  STOP SIGN (which will be Central Pike). Make no turns... keep going straight/west through the intersection, (DO NOT MAKE ANY TURNS).

After going STRAIGHT THRU'  INTERSECTION AT STOP SIGN, you will now be on John Hager Rd, (you will be driving parallel to the interstate with the interstate on your right), take John Hager for 7/10 of a mile and THEN TURN LEFT on the SECOND STREET on your left which is CARVER LANE, (you will also see a 40 MPH sign on your right that can be used as a landmark to help spot our street sign.

When you turn on to Carver Lane you will see a DEAD END SIGN...Drive down CARVER LANE to the end of the street, where you will see a white/red sign on a tree on your left that says "STOP", JuRo Stables turn left here, turn left and follow drive way  around to your right and past the snake like 'z' fence to the LAST MAIL BOX on your right (green mailbox)

Drive past the mailbox, up the winding road by the cedar fence, past the pond, past & around the back of the house, down the hill behind the house to parking lot at barn.

Follow the road until it ENDS AT THE RED BARN, and gift shop. Park behind the  house and down in front of RED BARN and gift shop in parking lot

Please pardon our mess, but we are cleaning as we go.

NOTE: Carver Lane is a narrow ONE LANE road. Watch for oncoming traffic as there are

But a few places to pass. We are sorry for this small inconvenience.

Please call (615) 773-7433/473-6254 / 498-9651 if you experience difficulties after leaving your hotel/motel/home/etc. with the directions.